Survey results for customer satisfaction 2015-16

Over 600 participants and 5 WINNERS !

Each survey participant had a chance to win one of the 5 free registrations to the extracurricular activity of their choice offered by Educ-Action at their school for the Fall 2016 semester. Here are the winners:

  1. Kuperhause family, École The Priory
  2. Hart Mixture family, École Terre-des-Jeunes (CECCE)
  3. Dobromir family, École Cardinal-Léger
  4. Talbot family, École Murielle-Dumont
  5. Dorais family, École Trésor-du-Boisé


Global appreciation of the Educ-Action extracurricular activities by PARENTS

84% of the parents answered “Excellent or Very Good “. Many parents also took the time to give us constructive feedback which will enable us to improve the services we offer.  We thank them and will work with the specialized suppliers to keep improving our services.

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Customer service

85% of those who contacted us answered “Excellent or Very Good” in their appreciation of each of the aspects of our customer service: response speed, professionalism/courtesy and knowledge. We are very proud of this result!


Registration platform

The parents who answered the survey confirm our registration platform is appreciated and easy to use! An average of 91% of them described their experience as “Excellent or very good

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The entire EA Team is proud of all the great worked accomplished this year and will communicate these wonderful results to each of our specialized activity providers that enabled these activities to be held in 2015-16.

A big THANK YOU to all of our clients for your continuing trust!  Do not hesitate to give us more comments or suggestions by emailing us ( or calling us at 514-731-2242. We look forward to serving you again in 2016-17!

The entire Educ-Action Team