Where will the Educ-Action activities take place?

  • All activities are given in your child’s school. If however, you child’s school has two buildings or if the activity is outdoor, the information will be specified on the registration form.

Why are certain activities cancelled?

  • Depending on the nature of the activity, we must establish a minimum and a maximum number of participants for the activity to be enjoyable for children and for reasons of profitability.The minimum required varies from one activity to the next. If an activity is cancelled, the parents are advised and will have the option to take another activity depending on availabilities, obtain a refund or a credit.

Why does the choice of activities vary from one school to another.

  • Educ-Action works in collaboration with several activity suppliers in the Greater Montreal area. Certain activity suppliers only have availabilities in specific areas and have not yet developed in your school’s area. Also, given the flexibility that we offer to our schools, many schools have special requests for specific activities whereas other schools give Educ-Action the liberty to plan the activity offer. In this situation, we work hard to offer a wide variety of interesting and enriching activities for your children while respecting the space restrains and the requests of each school to which we render our services. Finally, each school has its own demographic and population. Many schools with high enrollment have a more diverse menu with more activities offered due to the participation rate which is often higher.

Why doesn’t Educ-Action offer more sports or physical activities?

  • Educ-Action offers a wide variety of physical activities and sports to schools (soccer, basketball, floor hockey, martial arts, katag, cheerleading, and more). However, in order to offer these activities, we require a large space such as the school’s gymnasium. In many schools, the gymnasium may not be available at lunch or after-school, as it is being used for other purposes such as lunch area, day care, or other activities ran by the school’s Physical Education teacher. Given these circumstances, Educ-Action cannot offer as many physical activities in certain schools due to a lack of space.


What is included in the price for an extra-curricular activity offered by Educ.Action?

  • Firstly, the price included the payment of the specialized activity suppliers. Since Educ-Action offers an ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE to your school, the price of each activity also includes: (1) the production, printing and the distribution of the registration documents (2) the management of the registrations (3) producing of the attendance lists (4) customer service all throughout the year (5) the management of the payments, refunds, credits and receipts (6) the coordination of the activities on-site (an extra person on-site during the first week OR every week to supervise that the activities go well) (7) the planning of yearly meetings, and much more!

Why does the price of the same activity vary from one school to another?

  • Many reasons can explain the price variation from one school to another for the same activity of the same duration:
    • Certain schools benefit of the coordination on site every week. This signifies that there is an extra person present to ensure that the activities run smoothly. The price is therefore more elevated when there is a coordinator than when there is no coordinator in a school.
    • Certain schools subsidize a part of the activities, allowing Educ-Action to label the price at a lower cost than at the regular price.
    • Certain schools ask for a reinvestment. This signifies that Educ-Action must add an additional cost to the regular price so that a part of the funds are collected and then given to the school. The price is then less costly in a school with no reinvestment.
    • Certain activity suppliers add an additional fee for transport for schools that are further than their office.


Does my child’s extra-curricular activity qualify for the federal tax credit for artistic and physical activities?

  • All of our extra-curricular activities that are 8 weeks AND MORE are eligible for the federal tax credit. If your child’s activity is 7 weeks or less, it does not qualify for the federal tax credit set by the governmental standards.

How will I receive my tax receipt?

  • If your child’s school accepts online registrations, you will be able to print out your own receipt. If your child’s school only accepts paper registrations, you will receive the receipt through your child (it will be given to the school).

When will I receive my tax receipt?

  • When we print the tax receipts, the receipts for the Fall and Winter session (registrations processed at the end of the year) are delivered to your child’s school by mid-March. Receipts for the Winter (registrations processed in January) and Spring sessions will be delivered in the month of May.

When can I use my tax receipt?

  • You can use all the receipts emitted in 2013 for an activity paid before December 31st 2013 for your 2013 Income Tax report. Receipts emitted for registrations paid in January 2014 or later can be used for your next Income Tax report.


Will I receive a registration confirmation?

  • You will receive automatically an email confirming the registration, only if you have given us a valid email address at the moment of the registration.

Does my child need to bring or provide something for his activity?

  • For physical activity, we recommend that children wear comfortable clothes and running shoes the day of their activity. No specialized equipment is required (ex:  soccer shoes, shin guards, tennis rackets, etc.). Generally, all equipment is provided for most activities. Whether the child should bring or provide something, the information will be specified on the registration form.