Mission statement for Educ-Action Services:

Organize and coordinate educational, fun and safe activities for children.


Educ.Action is an experienced team specialized in managing extra-curricular activities (being held during lunch hours, after school or during pedagogical days), which offers an all inclusive service, flexible and reliable, adapted to the needs and realities of your school.  Moreover, in hiring established and experimented activity providers, Educ.Action becomes the unique link between the school, the suppliers, the parents and the children with a selection of over 40 different activities.


Educ.Action services is a non-profit organization that started in 2001 in order to respond to the needs of the educational sector, confronted by its growing challenges, in an environment increasingly jostled. Although students and parents demand more extra-curricular activities, these activities seem to be problematic, operationally and administratively, for many schools. Educ.Action developed an innovative solution, by taking complete charge of all the extra-curricular activities and programs in the form of an all inclusive service.  EA builds a true partnership with the schools and takes care of every step: contacting activity providers, producing the registration documents approved by the school, processing all registrations and cheques, and ensuring that the activities are run smoothly.  Educ.Action is diversified beyond the extra-curricular activities and also proposes its expertise to schools and daycares for special events organization as well as specialized day camps, using the same all inclusive service approach.