Soccer (Grades K to 6)

Practice the world’s greatest game! You will participate in individual and team exercises to improve your passing, shooting and ball control. Improve your footwork and learn to deke players on the opposite team. Each class will end with a friendly game!

Floor Hockey (Grades 1 to 6)

Practice our national sport in your school gym! Improve your stick handling and perfect your passes and shots on net by participating in individual and team exercises. Will you be able to score on the goalie and contain the opposing team’s offence? Each class will end with a friendly game!

Basketball (Grades 1 to 6)

Practice a fast paced and strategy oriented sport! Improve your dribbling, shoooting and your positioning on the court thanks to individual and team exercises. Each class will end with a friendly game!

Fusion sports (Grades 1 to 6)

Participate in different popular sports throughout the session: soccer, basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball and different coop games! You will also be initiated to original sports such as ultimate frisbee and kinball! Each week will be dedicated to the discovery of a new sport through friendly games!

Ultimate Games (Grades K to 2)

Be prepared to spend tons of energy while having a blast! Each week you will play several coop games and popular sports at a fast pace; dodgeball, flag, bulldog, cops and robbers, relay races, soccer and more! Ultimate Games is perfect for those who love variety!

Intra-mural league (Grades 2 to 6)– soccer, hockey or basketball

Join the Ultimathletes league! The values of sportsmanship and respect are part of the scoring system. Players will be evaluated and teams will be formed during the first week. Each team plays every week and the season consists of 8 regular season games with playoffs on the last week. (Minimum 18 players required)

Flag Football (Grades 3 to 6)

Welcome to a fun and exciting program where you will develop your skills and learn new ones! Included on the menu are the basic techniques and rules of the sport, friendly games and educational drills! Not to be missed for the active young athletes.

Ultimate Frisbee (Grades 3 to 6)

Replace the football with a frisbee and here you are in a full game mode of Ultimate Frisbee! Over the years, this new sport is growing in popularity in North America. You like challenges? Come learn the variety of frisbee throws in this fun-filled environment.

Tchoukball (Grades 3 to 6)

What do you get when you throw a ball on a trampoline to score points? You get a non-stop action sport without body contact, which encourages teamwork between players, in addition to its unique game style. Tchoukball will have children discover a very new approach to team sports.

Fitness Club (Grades K to 6)

Get ready to have some fun! Our Fitness Club program offers an opportunity for children to improve their fitness level by engaging in stimulating and high-energy exercise activities. Such activities may include relay races and obstacle courses, training circuits, aerobics, as well as other cardio exercises. Through this program, our goal is to show participants that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be an enjoyable experience. Come join the fun!

Fusion Sports Exploration (Grades 3 to 6)

Get ready to discover a number of unique and exciting sports such as: ultimate frisbee, flag football, tchoukball and kin-ball. Have an ultimate time learning new skills while participating in friendly, exciting new games!

Supplier’s website: http://ultimathletes.ca/

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