Cartooning – by Sheltoons


School of Toons (Grades 1 to 6):

Experience an awesome back to school with your favorite cartoons! Learn new drawing techniques thanks to the Minions. Dive into the Lego World! Impress your friends with the magic frame! Discover cell painting with the ninja turtles and the characters from Frozen. Recreate the world of Minecraft with Anim’action and scare yourself with a special Halloween Project!

Crazy Cartooning (Grades 1 to 6):

Become Crazy about Cartooning thanks to our exciting activities! Learn to draw the monsters that hide behind your bedroom doors and the Simpsons! Discover the magic of 3-D thanks to the special glasses on top of learning about cell painting and pop-up eyes. Make a zombie loose it`s mind and learn the art of Caricatures!

Cartoon Hero (Grades 1 to 6):

Join the comic book adventure through the universe of Super Heroes and Mangas! Learn to draw  and create some fantastic characters and discover the steps to creating your very own comic book!

Cartoons – The Next Generation (Grades 1 to 6): 

Dive through your computer screen, tablet or TV and join your favorite characters! Discover techniques to draw and create unique projects! Learn how to catapult your favorite birds, discover how to draw different viruses, bugs and more with this exciting update!

Lil’Artists (Grades K to 2):

Sheltoons offers future artists the chance to participate in an artistic experience catered to them! They will have fun while learning different drawing techniques on some fun , materials such as stickers, buttons and they will get to create some fascinating crafts!

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