Mad Science

Mad Science offers 7 different extracurricular activities and ensure a rotation of activity every semester.

Mad Lab

Explore the marvels of aerodynamics and flight. Experiment with cool chemical reactions while you make your own “super balls”. The scientific basis to some of your favourite magic tricks will be revealed. Witness a ping-pong ball float before your eyes.  Make amazing take home projects!


  • Che-Mystery
  • “Current” Events
  • Fun-damental Forces
  • Science of Magic
  • Stunt Planes and Gliders
  • Super Structures
  • Under Pressure
  • Wacky Water
Crazy Chemworks

Fun, educational, and hands-on workshops where Junior Scientists will discover tricks and techniques of a wacky Mad Science Laboratory. Prepare to stretch the limit of “bonding” with our Super Sticky Workshop. Behold as your eyes witness melted metal freeze in just a blink! Don’t miss this opportunity to jump on board this great science excursion!


  • Lab Works
  • Junior Reactors
  • pH Phactor
  • Slime Time
  • The Glow Show
  • Dry Ice Capades
  • Super Sticky Stuff
  • Chem In A Flash
Mad About Senses

Join us for an exciting journey into the wacky world of Mad Science. Learn about electricity and make indoor lightning, explore the world of Magnetism. Harness the heat as you witness a mini rocket launch and take part in our Mission Nutrition workshop. We will tantalize you with a “Mad Science taste challenge”, discover sound, optical illusions and much more!



  • Harnessing Heat
  • Lights, Color, Action
  • Magnetic Magic
  • Optical Illusions
  • Mission Nutrition
  • Sonic Sounds
  • Tantalizing Taste
  • Watts-Up
Junior Engineers

Learn about and build your own machines, investigate minerals and glittering gems, witness first-hand how advances in science and technology make our favorite special effects possible in the movies, and discover how science is used to solve crimes. Many more exciting experiments await you!


  • Bugs!
  • Detective Science
  • Earthworks
  • Kitchen Chemistry
  • Mad Science Machines
  • Movie Effects
  • Science of Toys
  • Walloping Weather
Robots, Creatures and Adventures

Discover life under the ocean and build your own holographic sea. Explore gravity, learn about energy and motion while building a cool catapult. Experiment with and construct your very own robot hand, and many more exciting activities. Amazing hands-on experiments, spectacular demonstration  and non-stop fun!


  • All About Animals
  • Energy Burst
  • Get Connected
  • Life in the Sea
  • Moving Motion
  • Radical Robots
  • Super Power Sources
  • Mix It Up
Nasa Academy

Voyage to NASA space camp for an intergalactic experience! Become an active young space explorer and conjure up a comet, simulate an eclipse, build your very own flying rocket and more. Amaze your friends with otherworldly experiments that you will bring home! What are you waiting for? Hop on board and join us for an exciting, interactive and unforgettable adventure!



  • Space Phenomena
  • Atmosphere and Beyond
  • Planets and Moons
  • Sun and Stars
  • Rocket Science
  • Space Travel
  • Space Technology
  • Living in Space
Rockin’ Rockets

Prepare to be blown away by our brand new Rockin’ Rockets program! Students in grades 4 to 6 will learn the fundamentals of flight while witnessing many types ofrocket launches and experiment with some wacky water rockets!! Children will also have a chance to build their very own Mad Science Sky Blazer rocket along with many hands-on experiments that are out of this world cool!!

Red-Hot Robots (from Grade 4)

RobotLearn about the “Laws of Robotics”!  Children will build simple circuits, and learn about renewable energy sources. Control an automaton, move a remote-control machine and program a robot. Children will build their very own robotic friend to take home so that the learning continues!

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