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Introduction to video game creation (Grades 1 to 3):


Scratch Junior is a mobile application available on our computer tablets which allows the user to create animations. With its playful interface, Scratch Jr gives the opportunity to create stories or short video games by using control pads. The child also learns the basis of computer programming and he becomes able to use his imagination to create scenarios from scratch where characters, landscapes and keyboard control can interact.

Video Game Creation (Grades 4 to 6):

Création jeux vidéos

Thanks to the software we use for this activity, programming is easy as pie ! During the session, the students learn how to simplify the basics of programming and to handle objects including sounds, pictures and videos. With a playful interface, students can use their imagination and creativity to design their own game.

Mobile App Creation (for High School Students):


By using App Inventor, young people will be able to conceive, develop and share autonomous mobile applications. This software simplifies app developing under Android and allows the user to build the application of his dreams. Our organizers supervise small groups of young people in order to build a project they will develop during the sessions. At the end of the project, they will be able to watch the result and test it directly on a mobile device.

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